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Creative ideas and authentic experiences
Participate in a ‘tapas’ or ‘pintxos’ cooking class with Basque chefs | organise a private ‘Feria de Abril’ from Sevilla | dinner at a Madrid newspaper director office | a sailing regatta in Mallorca | whale watching experience in the Canary Islands | show your skills in an Olympic Stadium | a barman or DJ classes in Ibiza | learning the first steps of dances like the chotis, sardana, sevillanas or aurresku | emulate the human towers | enjoy the Rioja vineyards from a Frank O. Ghery building | find secret restaurants | ski in summer | meeting in an old church | create our own wine after the grape vintage | have lunch under a Roman temple | walk around the private rooms of an arabian sheik residence | visit the city with oldtimers or a SEAT 600 | admire the world’s best football team from a privileged position…
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